Quinta Vigia

Quinta Vigia

This Quinta is situated at the top of Santa Catarina Park, in Funchal.

Quinta Vigia is an amazing place situated in Funchal city. This Quinta offer visitors amazing and panoramic views over the the harbour and city. There is also many endemic species, plants, trees, palm trees and beautiful flowers.

Inicially, this Quinta was named "Quinta das Angústias", due to the existence of a chapel named "Nossa Senhora das Angústias Chapel" in the main building of this Quinta.

Since its foundation, this Quinta has had some illustrious people living there, namely the Russian Prince Maximilian, the Duke of Leuchtengerg and the son-in-law of Czar Nicolau I, in 1849.

Besides, this Quinta was home for many distinguished owners, namely Nicolau Tulière, count Alexandre Carlos Lambèrt and Dr. Paulo Freitas who has acquired the Quinta and renamed it "Quinta das Angústias".

In 1979, Quinta Vigia was acquired by the Regional Government. At that time, the buildings and gardens were totally rebuilt.

Years later, in 1984, this Quinta became the Official Residence of the President of the Regional Government.

Don't miss a cchance of visiting this amazing place.

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