History of Jardim do Mar

History of Jardim do Mar

According to some authors, the name Jardim da Serra derives from Quinta do Jardim da Serra. The farm was built in the 19th century, by Henry Weiteh, up on the mountain.

Quinta do Jardim da Serra was first part of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos civil parish, from which it would later be separated in 1996.

Jardim da Serra became a civil parish, approved by unanimity by Assembleia Legislativa Regional (Regional Legislative Assembly), on March 21, 1996, as a result from the separation of the high area from the Estreito civil parish.

Quinta Jardim da Serra used to have a magnificent garden that became known as Jardim da Serra. The farm was then given the same name, and today it is also the name of the territory occupied by the Jardim da Serra civil parish.

In terms of cultural heritage, there are not many historical buildings in this civil parish. All comes down to Quinta do Jardim da Serra, Capela do Foro and Quinta das Romeiras.


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