Caracterization of Jardim da Serra

Caracterization of Jardim da Serra

The main ex libris of Jardim da Serra civil parish is Quinta Jardim da Serra, Boca dos Namorados and the cherries.

The civil parish is known to possess a very fertile land for cherries. After all, Jardim da Serra is the only place in the island where the red fruit grows. For that reason, the parish celebrates a feast that attracts thousands of visitors every year .

Cherry growing is actually one of the most important activities in the parish.

With the normal cycle, when the cherry trees blossom, there are several activities taking place, such as "O Cross das cerejeiras em Flor" (Cross of the blossoming cherry trees).

Further on, in the months of June or July, depending on the weather conditions, cherry picking takes place.

Regarding the population of Jardim da Serra, accounts say that there are families descending from the Moors from Africa, of many years ago. Their houses were dug caverns, and were located in Vale da Furneira.

In terms of economical activities, Jardim da Serra is characterised by agriculture, horticulture and floriculture, as well as by a quality hotel unit since 2003.

Regarding the climate, due to its location and altitude, it is slightly cooler than other places in Madeira Island with the lowest temperatures in the winter and the highest in the summer.

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