Caracterization of Jardim do Mar

Caracterization of Jardim do Mar

Located by the seaside, Jardim do Mar is a picturesque and populated area with a chapel, where the centre of the civil parish is located. Today Jardim do Mar has about 252 inhabitants.

One thing that can be said about this civil parish is the fact that it is a real oasis between the sea and the mountain.

The civil parish, besides the fishing industry, is very rich in agricultural terms, due to the unique conditions presented by the ground.

As such, in this kind of fishing villages, there are several restaurants where you can enjoy all sorts of fish specialties, as well as fresh products from the land.

The civil parish’s most important economic activities are agriculture and the hotel industry, living mainly off the local, national and international surfers.

The surfers enliven this small village, when resting from the strenuous and passionate activity of surfing the sea waves.

Generally, Jardim do Mar has a lot of sun and during the winter there is hardly any rainfall.

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