Caracterization of Estreito da Calheta

Caracterization of Estreito da Calheta

Estreito da Calheta is located on the western side of Madeira Island.

Today, thi civil parish is part of Calheta municipality, one of the first places outside Funchal subject to colonization and farming.

The most important economic activity is Agricultute. Besides, the most predominant culture is the vine, after the sugar cane, that was once strongly established.

However, sugar cane used to be very important, mainly during the prime of the white gold (sugar) era. During that time, Madeira used to export sugar in very large quantities, and trade for Flemish art, which today is exhibited in Museu de Arte Sacra (sacred art museum, in Funchal).

Besides vine, Estreito da Calheta also cultivates other crops, namely potato (known as semilha), sweet potato, beans and other vegetables, as well as fruit trees.

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