History of Ponta do Pargo

History of Ponta do Pargo

The settlement in the civil parish of Ponta do Pargo began with Garcia da Câmara, João Gonçalves Zarco’s son-in-law, when he started forming small estates with settlers, who farmed the lands.

The settlement was made mainly by Portuguese.

The lands that form Ponta do Pargo civil parish belonged to Fajã da Ovelha ecclesiastical parish. They were divided when the latter became an autonomous civil parish.

The precise year of the creation of Ponta do Pargo civil parish is not known, but historians believe that it probably took place before 1560.

According to the oldest document in the ecclesiastic parish, the parish council was created around 1560.

Ponta do Pargo has a very dangerous sea coast for navigation. As such, a light house was built high up on the rock called Ponta da Vigia, and was inaugurated in June 5, 1922.

São Pedro is the patron saint of this heart-warming civil parish.



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