Madalena do Mar

Madalena do Mar

Quiet land


The civil parish Madalena do Mar is known for its typical fishermen quarter, located right at the entrance, for those arriving from Ponta do Sol. However, this civil parish has a lot more to offer.

One of Madalena do Mar's main features is the beautiful coastal road, connecting both ends of the village, where the beach and the quiet sea are also an attraction.

One of the most common theories regarding the origins of Madalena do Mar’s name, is that it is owed to a plantation that used to be there since the early days of the colonization, with a chapel whose patron saint would have been Saint Maria Madalena.

The early founder of this settlement was Henrique Alemão, from Poland.

For a long time, sugar cane was cultivated at a large scale. Therefore, in no time, a device for sugar manufacture was created. Soon, the place became an important manufacturing centre of that kind.

Today, the land is still very fertile for the so called rich crops. As such, Madalena do Mar is also known for banana production for export.

Nowadays, the main economic activities reside in the primary sector, namely fishing and agriculture, in which banana production stands out.

With a population around 700 inhabitants, today, Madalena do Mar presents itself differently from the way that was for centuries.

If for centuries there was only one road leading to this place, for some years now, it has become a privileged passing point between Ponta do Sol and Calheta. This civil parish also ended up by being known for its singular climate and unique geographic characteristics, in an extensive platform made by the slope’s rocks that have felt down into the sea, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of high and graceful hillsides, and the broad seafront.

Madalena do Mar is one of the island’s warmest civil parishes, where the sun shines for the longest amount of hours.


How to get there


To get to Madalena do Mar from Funchal, you need to take the freeway towards Ribeira Brava (Funchal-Ribeira Brava). When you arrive at Ribeira Brava, exit the freeway and then follow the road signs towards Madalena do Mar.

To get there follow the road towards Ponta do Sol. When you arrive at Ponta do Sol, go down towards the centre. Once at the coastal road, follow straight ahead towards the tunnel.

Further ahead, you will easily find Madalena do Mar, with the first fishermen houses on your right.

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