Ribeira da Janela

Ribeira da Janela

A parish with a view

Ribeira da Janela offers one the most beautiful views over the northern coast of the Madeira Island. With a high region that is unknown even to some of the Madeirans, Ribeira da Janela exhibits careful and traditional construction, in a peaceful and quite environment.


It owes its name to the fact that, approximately 100 metres from the river mouth, a small island rises up with an opening, which looks like an open window, hence the name of the stream.


Ribeira da Janela had an original chapel invoking Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, which already existed in 1558 and which, according to tradition, was destroyed by an alluvium resulting from heavy rainfalls, a frequent occurrence in Madeira at that time.


At the end of the 17th century, more precisely in 1699, the people built a chapel which underwent a complete transformation, keeping the original outline until today.


By royal charter of February 4, 1733, a curacy was established, a branch of the parish of Porto Moniz. Over the years, this small curacy slowly gained its freedom from the mother Church.

Historians believe that the first people to settle in Ribeira da Janela were the Portuguese from the southern part of mainland.


The parish is thought to have approximately 750 inhabitants today.

The main economic activities are agriculture, some services and rural tourism.


The climate is somewhat unpredictable. In summer, temperatures are quite high and the winter tend to be quite harsh due to the close location to the Paúl plateau and to the altitude, although the parish starts at sea level.


How to Get There

To get to Ribeira da Janela from Funchal, take the freeway in the direction of Ribeira Brava (Funchal – Ribeira Brava). Once you get to Ribeira Brava, take the Estrada Regional 101 (regional road), towards the high mountains and less housing in the direction of São Vicente. There is a quicker route by tunnel or via the old road, which winds its way through the mountain from South to North with Encumeada at the top welcoming the magnificent northern hillsides.


After passing São Vicente, carry on until the coastal road and turn left in the direction of Porto Moniz. Ribeira da Janela is located just before Porto Moniz.


It is also possible to get to Ribeira da Janela from the opposite side, coming from Porto Moniz or Paúl da Serra, via the Fanal road.

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